Ventura Arts & Culture

Arts in Ventura. The guide to area art & entertainment.

Hundreds of artists make their home in Ventura. From painters and sculptors to dancers and musicians, it’s hard to go anywhere in town without finding either an artist at work or a display of creative efforts ongoing. Ventura’s rich and diverse cultural scene includes a busy arts calendar filled with music, theater, dance, art exhibits, festivals, and crafts shows every month of the year. After dark, visitors can choose from nightclubs, bookstores and coffee houses with live artsventura bannerentertainment, dancing, and much more. An excellent source for everything from dance to visual arts is Arts Ventura’s site. Check their calendar for special events or upcoming performances.

Ventura’s heritage is rich and so historic sites are found in all parts of the city including the Olivas Adobe Historical Park, Ortega Adobe and the Mission San Buenaventura. Often you will find performers providing entertainment in one of many historic churches or public buildings in Ventura, so whether you consider yourself to be a cultural tourist or not, you will enjoy the rich tapestry of Arts and Culture found throughout the city.

San Buenaventura Mission
643 Project Space
Albinger Archeological Museum
Art City Studios
Art Gallery of Grace
Bell Arts Factory
Buenaventura Art Association Gallery
Buenaventura Harbor Village Gallery
Centre for Art & Talk
Channel Islands National Park Visitors Center
China Alley
City of Ventura Municipal Art Collection

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